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JSRCFB State Minutes

The project data from the state boards is used by the services and OASD-RA to indentify joint projects. For more information on joint construction projects click here.

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Updated Pending Overdue (After September 1)

State JSRCFB Record Custodian (ARNG) Date  Status
United States
Alabama Brian B. Barrontine 01-23-2013
pg (1,2)
Alaska Joel T. Gilbert 04-15-2013
Arizona Robert E. Moscarello 04-26-2013
Arkansas James H. Treece 05-21-2013
California Lorren T. Deakin 03-12-2013
Colorado Nick L. Goddard 06-13-2013
Connecticut Gerald J. Lukowski 04-04-2013
Delaware Christopher J. Prosser 02-13-2013
District of Columbia(listed under VA minutes) Anthony V. Jackson See VA  
Florida Mark S. Widener 01-31-2013
Georgia Randal Scott Carter 05-2-2013
Hawaii Marjean R. Stubbert 05-16-2013  
Idaho Eugene Gussenhoven 03-07-2013
pg (1,2,3,4)
Illinois Randall J. Scott 09-28-2013
Indiana Steven R. Hines 04-10-2013
pg (1,2,3,4)
Iowa Scott A. Ayres 08-20-2013
pg (1,2)
Kansas Eric Blankenship 10-16-2013
Kentucky Steven T. King 01-10-2013
Louisiana William Aldridge 07-23-2013
Maine Dwaine Drummond 05-04-2013
pg (1,2)
Maryland Theodore J. Cusick 04-24-2013
Massachusetts Thomas Harrop 02-28-2013
Michigan Stephen J. Ward 02-28-2013
Minnesota Bruce A. Jensen 06-17-2013
Mississippi Paul J. McDonald 06-18-2013
Missouri Brent A. Beckly 04-13-2013
Montana James Hesterberg 03-21-2013  
Nebraska Timothy M. Zegers 07-10-2013
Nevada Clayton Chappell 03-2013
New Hampshire David Mikolaities 05-09-2013
pg (1,2)
New Jersey James Garcher 06-06-2013
New Mexico Donnie Quintana 05-15-2013  
New York Andrew M. Stewart 04-11-2013 
North Carolina Toni Coats 06-13-2013
North Dakota Steve A. Tabor 02-14-2013  
Ohio Mike Ore 05-13-2013
pg (1,2,3,4,5)
Oklahoma Curtis Arnold 08-07-2013
pg (1,2,3,4)
Oregon Ken Safe 06-05-2013
Pennsylvania John L. Saufley 08-13-2013
Rhode Island Sean McKierman 08-28-2013
South Carolina Andrew W. Batten 08-06-2013
South Dakota Kit L. Cline 05-07-2013
Tennessee Brad Bishop 01/10/2013
pg (1,2)
Texas Tracy R. Norris  04-25-2013
Utah Matt Price 12-12-2012
Vermont Robert J. Gingras 08-07-2013
Virginia James Zollar 08-13-2013
Washington Morehead, Douglas E MAJ 07-10-2013
West Virginia David P. Shafer 05-15-2013
Wisconsin Daniel L. Pulverrmacher 05-07-2013
Wyoming Guy Beaudoin 05-10-2013
Other U.S. Territories
Guam Stephen W. Taitano 08-27-2013
Puerto Rico Carlos Caez-Sierra 02-21-2013
Virgin Islands Carolyn Lanclos 08-09-2013

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